Lesson 5 - What if a landlord doesn’t respond or fix the issue quickly?

Once a landlord receives a letter from their renter about a breach in the Warranty of Habitability law, they must respond within 24 hours with a plan to fix the issue and start fixing it within 96 hours and finish within without unnecessary delays. If it’s an emergency issue, the landlord must start fixing the issue within 24 hours.
If a landlord does not respond by beginning to fix the issue quickly, renters have a few options to take action.

Get the issue fixed

Renters can pay a professional to fix the issue and subtract the cost from their normal rent payments by following a few steps.

End their lease early and move out

Renters can end their rental agreement early by following a few steps.

Sue the landlord in court

If renters have tried all other options to get the issue fixed, it may be helpful to ask the court to step in and help. The court may decide the landlord owes their renter money or can grant additional rights.